Youth HUG


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Wzrost modela na zdjęciu: 152 cm.

Kolory mogą się różnić od prezentowanych w zależności od ustawień monitora.
Model's height: 152 cm.

The colors may differ from the one presented on the store depending on the monitor settings.
Kolor czapki może się różnić od prezentowanego w zależności od ustawień monitora.
The cap color may differ from the one presented on the store depending on the monitor settings.


We would like to kindly inform you that the mellow HugMe Surfponcho will warm everyone up on the spot. They will make you feel pleasant, warm and most importantly comfortable after an intense water fun. Changing everyday pantaloons to boardshorts is a piece of cake (also works the other way around) thanks to the loose cut that make the job much easier. In addition, in a kangaroo pocket you will find a special key holder so that you can go back and forth.


Fashion: childrens surf poncho
Base material: 100% polyester
Pocket: 100% polyester.
Hood ties: 100% cotton
Hugme embossed on leather


NAME Big HUG HUG Buddy HUG Sis Youth HUG Lil HUG
SIZE XL L M Kids 7-12 y Kids 3-6 y
LENGHT 125 110 110 83 65
WIDTH 87 80 80 66 60
SLEEVE 27 27 27 20 15


Grandmother washed on the washboard, mother used “fran”, but you return to the roots and wash using your own hands. Do not boil, do not dye, do not pour in bleach, do not use as a potato bag (although in total you can do that). Treat with love.

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